Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Been a little busy!!

Tests from the hospital came back normal.  We are having a heat emergency here in Ohio.. :( no outside for me or the kiddos!! I have had my nephew over, he is staying for a month!! Luckily he is being very well behaved so i haven't had to do too much.  It helps that he is 13 yrs old :) So wanted to do some scrapbooking but guilty when i hide for too many hours...grrrr.  My children are both teens and got out of school on the 27th of May.  They like to be left alone for the most part and i still feel guilty...idk why lol!! Anyway my baby is turning 18 on Thursday.  I don't know why i am having sad feelings? Anyone else do this where you feel anxious when you shouldn't? LOL oh well it will be fine.  She still has another year of school.  Guess i am just worried that she has to make her own smart decisions and consequences are a wee bit bigger than before if she messes up...well enough of my blabbing and hope you all have a great day!!

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