Sunday, August 28, 2011

Hi Guys!! I am attempting my own Baker's twine!!

The other day i bought 350 yards of size 10 crochet thread in an attempt to make my own!! Well it costs me $1.99 for the thread and i already had sharpies.  Take an old ruler but if you are concerned about it you can use painter's, masking or scotch tape to cover it.  I just cut a piece of thread and i wound it around the ruler after i taped it with Scotch tape.  Now i am not saying it is perfect but we don't have to be perfect cause we are scrappers, right? Anyway, next i just drew lines on the thread.  I wrapped mine around 10x cause it's just a trial run and i want to do a lot of colors if it works!! I did mine in red hoping that i can use it on Christmas cards!!  Anyway here is a picture of mine that is still drying!! You can do thicker lines or thinner lines.  You can do yours up and down (it's probably easier) Hope you like it!! Don't worry i will be back later to show it unwound!!

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