Wednesday, August 24, 2011

School's back in session!!!

  At least it is in the small country town i reside in Ohio!! So i have been taking my time and not working to hard on the housecleaning and figured i would take a week to breathe.  Luckily both my children are teens, so they are in school full time!! I haven't done a dang thing this week so far besides catching my breath(obviously had to still do dishes and laundry)!! LOL.  I hope everyone else is having a nice time and not working too hard!! We will save the hard work for!!  I wanted to give a holler to my newest followers and thanks for following my blog!! I plan to start some layouts in September which i will post as i do them, so stay tuned and stay creative!!


  1. Looking forward to seeing your layouts next month!

  2. Thanks Elaine!! It will be the week after Labor Day!! My husband is on vacation this week so i haven't the time to get any done yet!!