Monday, May 2, 2011

I am gonna miss the Expression 2

Ok not really since i didn't have time to get attached, LOL.  So anyway my dear husband called and talked to PC and they couldn't figure it out over the phone.  So i was asked to send it back!! YIKES!! I am pretty sad.  They said it could take 3 days to get a return label?? Hmmm why PC? I feel so  Well anyway i have been checking the email all day.  I am hoping it don't take three weeks after i return mine to get a new one.  But guess what? For my troubles i get two new mats!! I guess that will work!! LOL..I almost changed my mind on this purchase(buyer's remorse) But i guess i can kind of find the money in other  I mean with gas prices i could stay home i don't like to drive anyway.  Well thanks for listening to me vent!!

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