Sunday, May 1, 2011

I got an EXPRESSION 2!!

Ok so i got an Expression 2..First thing i did was make 3 simple cuts to make sure it worked of course.  Well it has the cutest carts ever so it was very worth it!! Then i decide i am gonna update it.  Makes since right? I thought so...but i update it while i am cleaning my room.  So i unplug it from the computer and restart it...and boohoo it so did NOT work(yes the power button is lit up but not a thing on the screen)...I am so bummed i thought i would be spending the weekend on it!! But no now i get to be on the phone on Monday with PC.  Please send me good vibes that this thing starts working and i don't have to send it back!! I will keep you guys updated on what happens to it!! Either way stay tuned and i will have a Mother's Day card up soon.

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