Thursday, March 15, 2012

How i got into Cricut!!

For Erica's craft room we are telling our stories about how we got into Cricut for a chance at a sweet giveaway!! I was watching a commercial by PC one day and they were showing amazing projects. My husband looked over and asked if I wanted it. I said no I probably wouldn't use it. Ha. Deep inside I was thinking it was the greatest thing I had ever seen!! Anyway time goes by and christmas is around the corner.  My hubby kept asking me what i wanted.  I said nothing and he said fine you aren't getting anything! LOL i figured he was teasing.  By then i knew i couldn't ask for the Cricut :( . I wasn't expecting what was under the tree!! Oh wow!! Guess what? I opened a brand new Cricut Expression! And that is where it all started. Poor hubby didn't know he would create a scrapping monster!! Teehee. Loved sharing my story with you!! Share yours if you would like. And check out  for more info!!

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